MCX Connector Market Situation

The MCX connector is a push-in type connecting structure, compact in shape and convenient to connect to a quick, radio-frequency coaxial connector. MCX connectors of the characteristic impedance of 50 Ω and 75 Ω two kinds of resistance.

Advantages of good

Improve the production process

The connector simplifies the assembly process of the product. Also simplified the batch production process;

2. Easy maintenance

If an electronic component fails, the failure element can be replaced quickly with a connector.

3. Easy to upgrade

As the technology progresses, it is possible to update the components when equipped with connectors, replacing the old ones with new and better components;

4. Improve the flexibility of design

Using connectors enables engineers to have greater flexibility when designing and integrating new products, as well as using components to form systems.

The market situation

As consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication terminal the rapid growth of the market and global MCX connectors production capacity constantly shift to Asia and China, Asia has been the most development potential in the MCX connectors market place, and China will become the fastest-growing MCX connectors and capacity of the largest markets. It is estimated that in the future China MCX connectors market will continue to grow faster than the global average, over the next five years, China’s MCX connectors market size 15 [%], the average annual growth rate will reach to 2010, China’s MCX connectors market capacity will reach 25.7 billion yuan.

MCX connectors of the main supporting areas are transportation, communications, networks, IT, medical, household appliances, such as supporting the rapid development of technology and its products in the field of rapid growth, strong pulling MCX connector technology development. MCX connectors so far has developed into a complete product variety, rich varieties of specifications, structure diverse segmentation, industry characteristics, professional direction is obvious, the standard system of series and specification of specialized products. Overall, MCX connector technology development presents the following characteristics: high speed signal transmission and digital and integration of all kinds of signal transmission, the miniaturization of product volume miniaturization and low cost of the product, the contact way of a termination table stick, module combination, and facilitation of plug and so on. Above technology represents the development direction of MCX connector technology, but to be sure: the above technical not all MCX connectors are required, form a complete set of different areas and different using environment MCX connectors, the demand for the above technical points are not the same.

Post time: Sep-25-2018
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