MCX Connector The Development Of The Field

The use of fiber optic connectors under normal circumstances and the optical system has the closest relationship. When the connector is not yet widely used and not easy to use, MCX Connector the connector manufacturer largely standardizes and simplifies the connector. In the use of optical fiber system, users use the connector more convenient.

A fiber optic connector is a mechanism that is movable between an optical fiber and a fiber optic connection. Its function is to place the optical fiber on two precise platform surfaces, MCX Connector so that the light output of the optical energy reaches the optical fiber coupler that receives the optical fiber to the greatest extent, forming an optical link and minimizing the influence of the system. MCX Connector This is a basic requirement for fiber optic connectors. To some extent, fiber optic connectors also have an impact on the reliability of optical fiber transmission and system performance.

Key features of the optical fiber connector include optical properties, interchangeability, reproducibility, tensile strength, temperature, plugging times and more.

Optical Properties: The optical performance requirements of optical connectors are mainly two basic parameters, insertion loss and return loss. Insertion loss is the loss of connection for loss of effective light intensity due to the insertion of the connector. Insertion loss is as small as possible, MCX Connector under normal circumstances require about 0.5dB. Return loss (or loss of reflection) refers to the connector light intensity reflections in the link, typical values should not be less than 25 dB. MCX Connector In the practical application of the connector, the surface of the specially polished needle can make the return loss greater, usually not less than 45dB.

Interchangeability and Reproducibility: An optical fiber connector is a universal passive device. The same type of optical fiber connector can be used in any connection and can be used repeatedly. MCX Connector Therefore, in general, the additional loss of entry is usually less than 0.2dB .

Tensile strength: For the already connected optical fiber connector, MCX Connector the tensile strength under normal circumstances requires not less than 90N.

Temperature: In general, MCX Connector the fiber optic connector must be used in the temperature range of -40 ° C to + 70 ° C.

Fittings, permanent connections or connectors can all form a fiber-to-fiber connection, which, unlike plugging in, can be disconnected and reconnected. MCX Connector With the development of application areas, the types of optical fiber connectors are varied. Different connector types have different characteristics, MCX Connector different advantages and disadvantages, and different performance parameters. But all connectors contain four basic components.

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