MCX Connector Special Requirements For Technology

Connectors are used to transmit power and signals between the cabinet and the robot. With appropriate connection technology, the interface can be plugged into the robot’s head, which connects the robot to the factory intranet through a communication controller.

The more compact the production line, the smaller the robot, MCX Connector especially the robot work in the high-temperature environment, and under the harsh environment of the connection technology has special requirements, the role of the connector is more important. Depending on the requirements, MCX Connector connectors are used mainly for industrial robots in the following situations:

Robots need more and more sensory sensors, and they must become smaller and more flexible for more complex assembly operations. Han® Industrial connectors can be developed by miniaturization and by ensuring the shielding data transmission supports such robotic systems.

In addition to electrical signals, modular connectors can transmit compressed air, light waves, and large currents. As a “mixed” interface, they complete several small separate interface tasks. MCX Connector In order to make the best use of the space in the connector, Hao Ting continuously increase the interface density of han-modular® modular connectors. such as Han d®/han dd® high pin number connector ferrule, there are up to 216 pins, transmission power or signal up to 10a/150 V.

Valve terminals are an integral part of the pneumatic automation system. Today’s devices usually use fieldbus for communication, allowing for the integration of various electrical functions. In addition to considering the flow rate, one of the key product features is the need for compact design. Festo (Festo) is the inventor of Valve island, MCX Connector today has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of pneumatic and electrical automation technology.

With its miniaturized 1.27-pitch compact design, connectors can save more space when designing devices. The entire product family can provide 6-100 of any even-numbered pin products, which is the standard of Hao Ting customers. Despite the growing miniaturization, connectors are characterized by a high degree of solidity. In addition to the enhanced wall thickness of the inserts, the additional side-mounted SMT fixed (“tight”) ensures a secure connection to the PCB, making the connectors very suitable for industrial electronic equipment.

There is a wide range of applications in connection technology, operational applications, sensors or imaging components, especially the application of industrial robots in highly automated automotive welding and assembly lines. Although all defined criteria for a data region require separate signaling and data communication processes. MCX Connector In addition to power and standard communications, the transmission of analog, digital, bus and low voltage signals must be ensured.

Sturdy connectors and Enclosure protection plug-ins are free from dirt, moisture, and soldering sparks, which are quite common in manufacturing processes. MCX Connector For example, a han®24e cartridge with a cage-like shrapnel connection is suitable for this current transmission requirement through this connector, it can achieve 24 contacts within a housing (rated current: 16A; 500V power transmission. Cage-type shrapnel connections are useful in the assembly process and provide very high vibration stability.

The sensitive signal required by the laser system can be transmitted by using han-modularquintax® core, which has a very good shielding attenuation function, MCX Connector which can protect these sensitive signals from any interference of the existing electromagnetic interference, thus helping to ensure the reliability of the whole laser system.

Post time: Sep-25-2018
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