Digital TV Antenna Production Method

Now we live in the city, covered with a variety of signals. Can be described as an invisible data network. Bus subway can easily receive TV signals, car TV is not a magical thing. I recently found that with a 2-meter-long wire can easily produce an antenna that accepts 30 TV signals.

Production Method of Simple Digital TV Antenna

1. It is recommended to choose 2.5-4mm single-core copper wire, the length of about 2 meters in a little longer does not matter. But try to choose a straight wire, because this wire is more conducive to the back of the processing.

2. With a vise to 2 meters long copper wire stripped of plastic outside the skin, the purpose of peeling is to increase the performance of the antenna. After all, the metal surface of the signal to receive the ability to be much stronger than the plastic surface. When stripping, be careful not to scratch the metal surface of the inner conductor.

3. In order to facilitate the production of the antenna, I deliberately painted two sketches for everyone. Have the following points need to pay attention to: strict control in the side length of 300px C.D.E three contact points must avoid shorting.

4. I installed the antenna directly to the balcony of the anti-theft online, we can choose according to the situation at home installation site. In particular to remind is that if placed in the outdoors must be mainly to prevent the lightning.

5. Connect the antenna and TV with a closed-circuit cable. Will be closed-circuit television wire core and outer wire mesh separated into two lines were connected to the antenna A.B two points can be.

6. When the antenna and TV connection is successful, select the DTMB source. And then channel search.

7. The next is to witness the miracle of the moment, my home location search to 38 brother HD channel. So that the proposed antenna will be able to receive so many channels, I felt really amazing.

8. This step will be extremely enjoyable, choose your favorite channel to watch TV programs. Because my daughter likes to watch cartoons I chose CCTV-1. Because this time being bears bear haunt Oh.

All users who need to install a cable digital TV signal must apply to the regional radio and television administrative department for the user card. The digital TV set-top box is installed by the regional radio and television administrative department and debugged directly to the user.

Post time: Sep-25-2018
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